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   1.  WEAK SIGNAL MODES - Description and reception results.

   2.  LF ANTENNAS - Antennas and matching arrangements at G4AYT.

   3.  LF ACTIVITY IN KENT - 'Local' activity plus G4AYT's results on LF.

   4.  NAVTEX AND NDBs - Description and reception examples, plus NF lighthouse LF. 

   5.  LF TRANSMITTERS - TX development at G4AYT and test equipment.

   6.  HF, VHF, UHF AND MICROWAVE RADIO - Equipment etc. at G4AYT.

   7.  AMATEUR TELEVISION (ATV) - Latest activity in Kent and links to other sites.

   8.  WHITSTABLE AND G4AYT QTH - With a brief profile of G4AYT.

   9.  THE GB3KT ARCHIVE PAGE - Local ATVers, test your memory.

   10. NARROW BANDWIDTH TELEVISION AND SSTV - Progress and results.

     Welcome to the website of G4AYT, this site is regularly updated with new additions and information. Low frequency radio was a main interest but levels of local QRM have become excessive. ATV, NBTV/SSTV, VHF and UHF radio are now of prime interest.

     Should you wish to contact Chris, G4AYT, send an e-mail HERE.                                           NDB Manston (MTN) was on 347kHz

    Latest LF News/Information at G4AYT

    21st. May 2014: Manston NDB (picture top right) now off the air - Antenna dismantled.

    27th. April 2013: CW daytime 472kHz band QSO using 25W RF with PE5T, a distance of 255 miles.

    5th. March 2013: CW QSO on 472kHz band with G6PKS. G8NAV 1W RF carrier received.

    17th. February 2013: G4AYT 25W 472kHz band TX operational, CW QSOs with G3XIZ and PA3ABK.

    17th. February 2013: G4AYT 25W 472kHz band beacon available on request for testing.

    Other News

    16th. April 2016: SSTV in Kent, MB7TV and nearby counties and DX, see page 10.

    9th. June 2016: Several Dutch stations seen through the KTG Repeater.

    DATES: Abbreviated dates on this site will follow the UK format of  DD.MM.YY

    G4AYT is a member of:-

                              UK Six Metre Group (UKSMG),

                              Narrow-Bandwidth Television Association (NBTVA),

                              British Amateur Television Club (BATC),

                        World Slow-Scan Television Club (WSSTVC).


                                                                                                                                                                             Mast by North Foreland Lighthouse (page 4)

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Photographs on this website were taken by Chris, G4AYT, unless otherwise credited