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Great Yarmouth Radio Club
Great Yarmouth Radio Club
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Great Yarmouth Radio Club

Why join the Great Yarmouth Radio Club?

The Great Yarmouth Radio Club is one of the oldest clubs in England dating back to the middle 1920's and like the rest of amateur radio it has evolved at an amazing pace with the advancement of technology in both radio and the internet. Today the club and it's members operate modern HF and VHF equipment and participates in all the major RSGB field day competitions and maintains our own website.

The Benefits of the club membership

The members enjoy subsidised outings which in the past have included trips to the London show, RAF Neatishead and the Anglia television studios and on field days the members enjoy our fish and chips dinner again subsidised by the club. As a member of the club any member is entitled to send and receive his or hers cards via the club callsign with the club acting as the QSL manager. When you compare the cost of joining the RSGB to the cost of the club membership the savings are nearly 75% which in the first year would save you £30, granted you would not receive the RadCom magazine but most if not all the information can be found on the RSGB website and we have more accurate and up to date information on our own website for DX and Propagation changed weekly not monthly.

Your details will be added to the members list on the website if you wish together with any additional information you wish to add. All email links are encrypted for your privacy and the club do not disclose any information about the members unless agreed with the club member.

What is the cost?

The cost of membership is only £15 for the year with weekly DX bulletins emailed direct to you and of course access to the QSL manager facilities of the club with received QSL cards mailed direct to you in batches of 5 or more cards.


Then email us for an application form and payment details. The club accepts payments via Nochex™ or PayPal™ and please ask for details if you wish to pay using the online system.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nigel Brown. G5NB Chairman of the Great Yarmouth Radio Club.