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Welcome to the theory index

There are several articles on antenna theory, basic antenna design and construction. Some of the articles were originally written for CB radio by radio hams and the articles are clearly written with diagrams to aid the written work. The theory and calculations relate to both Amateur and CB radio and we hope that you find these interesting.

We would like to thank all the authors for giving us permission to reproduce their work on our site.

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Antenna Basics - A short article on antenna basics by VK2TIP

Basic Antenna Theory - A short article detailing the different types of antenna and usage.

Antenna Basics - An in depth article covering 7 areas from basic radio waves to SWR through to polarization.

Coaxial Cable - An article explaining the mysteries regarding the coaxial (coax) cable.

Yagi Antennas - The design and theory regarding Yagi beam antennas.

Grounding - An article explaining the grounding system for amateur radio antennas and the shack.

VHF Propagation - An article explaining the various modes of propagation at VHF frequencies.

HF Propagation - An article explaining the various modes of propagation at HF frequencies.

End fed Wire Antennas - An article describing the versatile end fed antenna.

Why do antennas radiate? - An article explaining why antennas radiate by W7TX