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Welcome to the world of 11m CB Radio

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This prefix list contains information about the divisions as defined by the”Gruppo Radio Italia Alfa Tango”. The division corresponds to the DXCC list defined by the ARRL but is defined by division numbers rather than alphanumeric prefixes as for the HAM world. This identification is much more useful because several different DXCC countries uses the same HAM prefix but have different division numbers so each DXCC country can be identified by an unique number which helps in accounting the numbers of countries worked.
Even though this compilation is offered primary for 11 meter operators, it may help also the licensed amateur. I have spent a lot of time compiling and creating this list with information sourced over many hours of reading and surfing the world so I hope it will help all operators, with our common hobby of communications.

The Club or it's members do not encourage or endorse illegal operation of unlicensed radio equipment

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