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  ssurf.gif The Great Yarmouth Radio Club are proud to be a member of Safe Surf. Safe surfing for all ages

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The club meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month in the Lords Land Community Centre, Lords Lane, Bradwell Great Yarmouth

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Don't forget to download your free Flash moon phase indicator. Built with Macromedia Flash this program is small and easy to use, put in a date and the indicator will show the moon phase for the date. We hope that you enjoy the program.


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The club took part in celebrating 100 years of the Coastguard by activating the Caister on Sea call sign"CS".
Did we work you? Check the logs on the right to confirm the QSO.
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For the latest reports on the solar flux, solar wind and sunspots.
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Sorry this service has been suspended
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World-wide prefix with extended country and locator information
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Download a free World time clock for your desktop

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World-wide prefix and country list for 11m & the legal UK Frequencies
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Download World prefix maps marked with the country prefix
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Information on propagation for HF frequencies by IPS Australia
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on propagation modes for VHF & UHF frequencies
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Details of the HF, VHF & UHF band plans in the UK & USA
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Short articles from antenna theory to grounding systems
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Simply put in a date and the phase of the moon is displayed for you.
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HF amateur radio beacons from top band to ten meters
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Emergency radio frequencies for warnings and information in the U.S
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Is this the most famous radio transmission of all time?
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Amateur radio short theory articles from antenna to grounding

UK & USA Amateur Radio Band Plans Introduction to HF propagation Introduction to VHF and UHF Propagation modes 11m CB Radio World-wide Prefix List World-wide Amateur Radio Prefix List Free web based email service from the Great Yarmouth Radio Club Space weather for the latest news on solar wind, flux and sunspots Site designed by G5NB GB100CS Special event station operated by members of the Great Yarmouth Radio Club Please view and sign our guestbook Monthly world-wide contest guide Keplerian forecast updated twice a week Weekly Propagation forecast World-wide Amateur Radio DX News IOTA - Island on the air information Check out our latest page built using Flash to View the Moon Phases. Simply put in the date required and the moon phase will be shown together with a tidal indicator. You will need Flash to view this page. World-wide HF beacons from top band to ten meters Hurricane Emergency Radio Frequencies for the U.S and Carribean CQD SOS Titanic - Is this the most famous radio transmission of all time?