G3VGR QUERWEG         Langenrain – Konstanz      

My final day on the Querweg was to be a hot, sunny day. I caught a train and bus back to the village of Langenrain, arriving at 0930. It was a short walk out of Langenrain on a tarmac road through farm fields until I reached the coast, where the Querweg was joined by the "Seegang", a new Premium Wanderweg from Überlingen to Konstanz. The trail continued along the heavily forested cliffs, following the lakeshore. Through occasional gaps in the trees, I caught glimpses of the turquoise blue lake and the villages and towns on the opposite shore. The ground was quite wet in places and I guessed there had been much rain lately. Shortly before the ruin of Kargegg Castle, I was dealt my big disappointment of the day. I had been looking forward to walking through the Marienschlucht, a deep ravine with 30m-high cliffs thick with lichen and ferns. Unfortunately the trail was closed to both the Marienschlucht and Kargegg Castle and a detour was in place. Following the detour, I was dismayed to find it was routing me along another tarmac road from the Marienschlucht car park. I could see Langenrain not far in the distance and the road seemed to be heading back there, so decided it was time for another bushwhack. I turned left onto a bridleway which skirted the boundary of Konstanz Golf Club's course. This is a large 18 hole course (with €75 green fees) and the bridleway took me quite a way inland, eventually joining onto a forest path. Later, the official detour joined into the trail from my right and I noticed Querweg signs on the trees, which caused me to suspect the Querweg had been permanently re-routed from its original coastal path. Again, I decided it was time to bushwhack again and make my way back to the lakeshore.

On reaching the lakeshore, I was confronted by more signs stating the trail was closed and warning that it was dangerous to life to continue. I saw another hiker there, who was heading north towards the Katharinen Wasserfall and the Marienschlucht. As my trail led south at the level of the lake's surface, I reasoned it couldn't be very life-threatening to continue. The narrow path along the lake was delightful to walk along with impressive views across the Überlinger See. It was covered in greenery and the sound of the lake water lapping against the shore was a nice accompaniment. There were no Querweg signs along the path, only Seegang signs, so I was convinced the Schwarzwaldverein had moved the Querweg away from this beautiful stretch of trail. Near Burghof, I followed the Seegang up steeply through the forest until reaching a gate which was locked to deny access to the coastal route. Bypassing the gate, I made my way along a tarmac road which joined the Querweg after a kilometer. Much of the trail was now out in open countryside, which made walking in the hot sun quite debilitating. I soon reached the viewpoint at Purren. The views from this vantage point were superb and far reaching. Across the Bodensee to the east could be seen the towns of Meersburg and Überlingen as well as the island of Mainau. Towards the southeast, the Alps of the Vorarlberg could be seen in the distance and I was able to identify some of the peaks of the Rätikon that I know so well from my hill-walking trips to the Montafonertal. As the Querweg passed through the outskirts of Litzelstetten, I stopped for refreshments at a hotel restaurant. It was very hot now, but fortunately, much of the remaining trail to Konstanz passed through forest, which offered relief from the afternoon sun. I reached the University of Konstanz around 3pm and I decided to make my last detour and follow the Seegang instead of walking directly through the suburban streets towards the Altstadt. This detour was a good choice, as the Seegang trail took me through the Lorettowald to the lakeshore, avoiding most of the suburbs, then followed the shoreline along to the Alte Rheinbrücke.

I crossed the Alte Rheinbrücke to the Altstadt area and made my way along the final stretch of the trail. This led me along the lakeside towards the harbour, passing the Stadtpark. The area was very busy with many families enjoying the summer weather at the lake. The harbour entrance is marked by the controversial statue of Imperia, nowadays the landmark of the city. Passing the harbour and close to the Swiss frontier I finally reached the Hauptbahnhof and end of the Querweg. After checking in at the nearby Hotel Wiesentäler Hof, I headed to the Brauhaus Johann Albert in the Altstadt to find the cold beers that had my name on them. Next morning, I took one of the BSB ships to Lindau to join up with colleagues from my local Radio Club for the weekend's visit to the Amateur Radio Convention at Friedrichshafen.

Milkchurns in Langenrain
View back to Langenrain
First view of Überlingensee
Marienschlucht closed - diversion in effect
Fairway on Konstanz Golf Club
Detour through the forest
At the lakeshore of Überlingensee
Following the Seegang along the lakeshore
View across the Überlingensee towards Meersburg
Open countryside heading towards Purren
Panoramic views from Purren with Zeppelin overhead
Back into the forest with some shade from the hot sun
Taking a rest in the Mainauwald
Konstanz - Alte Rheinbrücke
Konstanz Hafen and statue of Imperia
End of the Querweg at Konstanz Bahnhof

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