Comonwealth State of Virginia

Washington D.C.

  In February 2002 I was fortunate to be asked to attend a conference at America Online's Headquarters in Dulles, Virginia. I was there for 1 week, from the tuesday till the following tuesday, although the day's were hectic with meetings and being entertained during the evenings, I did get the opportunity to take a few photo's with my 35mm Pentax. And at the weekend, took a trip into Washington to 'do' the sites.  
  I stayed in the small town of Herndon, which has a suprisingly large amount of history and period buildings, all in all a very pleasant place to be, most of the evenings were spent in Reston, and I am still amazed by the sight of an outdoor ice rink, right in the centre of the town. Reston I was informed was the inspiration of a local developer and is very modern, although the architecture is very pleasant to the eye.  

So please enjoy my photo's of this very pleasant part of the world and any comments received would be of interest Mail to John Reynolds

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Herndon Town Hall
Herndon Centre
Lyn Exchange
Herndon Town Hall VA
Herndon Centre VA
Lyn Exchange Herndon VA
Dont Park
Railway station
Railcar outside Station Herndon
Parking Sign Herndon VA
The Old Railway Station Herndon