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Aerials and Feeders

Front panel photo

PC Board Menu

PC Board Construction 1

Aerial Matching Unit

Front and Rear panel photos

PC Board Construction 2

Internal photo version 1

PC Board Layout 1

Internal photo version 2

Symbol Explanation

Permeability Tuned Osc’r

Aerials - VHF

PIC Applications Menu

Push Button Processor

Power Supply Menu

Power Supplies (HV)

Amplitude Modulators

Power Supplies (LV)

Cleaning Old Components

Progressive Rec’r Design

Crystal Set

Crystals and Filters Menu

Crystal Filters

RF Amplifier

Crystals for IF Filters

Power Supply

Crystal Measurements

AF Amplifier

Crystals Photo

Design Menu

Design Process

AF Filter

Historic Designs

DC Rec’r/Product Det’r

Kit Design

Tuned Circuit Data

Progressive Receiver Design

AM Detectors and AGC

Re-engineered Units

H-Mode Mixers

CDG2000 Transceiver

Reforming Electrolytics

PA3AKE site

Simple RF Detectors

Heathkit Information Menu

Aerial Matching Unit


IF Filters 1

Solid State Circuits Menu

Solid State Circuits 1 (U)

IF Filters 2

Solid State Circuits 2

PS-1V4 Power Supply

Solid State Circuits 3

PS-23 Power Supply

Solid State Circuits 4

PSU-25 Power Supply

Solid State Circuits 5

RF Switchbox

Solid State Circuits 6

SB-101 Modifications

Solid State Circuits 7

SB-101 Rebuild

Solid State Circuits 8

SB-101 Refurbishment

Solid State Circuits 9

SB-104 Modificationas

Solid State Circuits 10

SB301 Rebuild

Solid State Circuits 11

SB-401 Changes

Solid State Circuits 12

SB-Line Inductors

Sources of Information/Parts


Spares and Repairs

Surge Limiter

Station Console

Switch Wafer Repairs

SWR Bridges

Test Equipment Menu

Absorption Wavemeter

Valve PSU

AF Distortion Meter

Valve Transverter

AF Oscillator

WARC and Other Bands

Crystal Activity Meter

Historic Designs

Break-in Circuits

Crystal Calibrator

T/R Switch

Dummy Load

Gate Dip Oscillator

Kit Design - One Approach

Direct Conversion Receiver

LC Bridge

Digital Receiver

Modulation Meter

Noise Generator

Simple Transmitter

Return Loss Bridge

Basic Multimode Transmitter

Scope Probe Information


Spectrum Analyser

Active Mixers

Valve Tester

Bidirectional Mixer

Typical Receiver Block Designs

12v Power Supply

Product Detectors

Useful Formulae

AF Amplifier

AF Filter

Useful Tools

AM Detector

Crystal Set

Vackar VFO

Download Calculator

RF/IF Amplifier

LC Filter Menu

Bandstop Filters

Valve Circuits Menu

Valve Circuits 1

HF Bandpass Filters

Valve Circuits 2

Transmitter Filters

Valve Circuits 3

Logarithmic Detector

Valve Circuits 4

Measurements Menu

FM Deviation Measurements

Valve Circuits 5

Rec’r Sensitivity Tests

Valve Circuits 6

Mechanics Menu

Indicator Dials

Valve Circuits B1


Valve Circuits B2

Mixer Terminations

Valve Circuits B3

Music Electronics

Valve Circuits B4

Painting and Lettering

Valve Circuits B5

Scope Probes


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