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Having used TRLog in two contests, I thought that I would share the set-up files with the TRLog World.

Coming up  will be a file for the RSGB 7MHz DX contest. I may post it after the contest though so that you don't beat me!

They were written and used with Version 6.41.

I would like to encourage any British TRLog users who have developed CFG files for RSGB contests to share them here. Please send them to me via e-mail for inclusion on the site. They will be credited to you and will help other TRLog users to get the best out of the software. SM3OJR, the European TRLog distributor, will be putting in a link to this page from his website for users who wish to enter RSGB contests.

OK1RR has a number of TRLog config files available on his site (it's a nice site too!).


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