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Hopefully this page will build into a resource for radio clubs. It will consist of handouts that I have done for the Stockport Radio Society for a series of short talks on MF and HF propagation. Each talk is designed to last between 30 and 40 minutes and to have a strongly practical bias while not diluting the underlying theory too much.

The sheets are just a guide and are not intended to be the text of a talk - you will need a knowledgeable speaker to take that role. Anyone is welcome to copy the handouts for non-profit making uses - please retain the credit to the Stockport Radio Society. Please do not copy the files onto your own internet site however. Simply add a link to this page. That way I can update and correct the sheets as necessary and you will always have access to the latest version.

Download the handouts below.  Not all are available yet, they will be added as they are written).

Ground Waves

Space Waves

The Ionosphere (Quiet Sun)

The Ionosphere (Disturbed Sun)

The Bands (10,12 and 15m)

The Bands (17 and 20m)

The Bands (30 and 40m)

The Bands (80 and 160m)

Predicting Conditions (1)

Predicting Conditions (2)



There are lots of useful resources on the net. Try these:

About the Ionosphere

The Electron Concentration Profile

Ionogram Examples

Radio Waves and the Ionosphere

Ionospheric Data Archive

Online ionograms

If you like reading try: Davies, Kenneth, Ionospheric Radio, Peter Peregrinus Ltd.:London, 1990.

Radio Wave Propagation - lecture notes by Bob Titterington (ex Leicester Polytechnic)

Each of these sources has assisted me in writing my handouts. Thanks!

To see an amazing example of a sporadic E event click here.


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