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Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Communication by Fiedler and Farmer
(published by World Radio Books, Sacramento, California)

The book is a soft cover publication with 143 pages. It consists
primarily of articles that were published in a US Military
publication (Army Communicator). The slant is therefore very much
toward Military needs and, as is common in the military, there are
lots of acronyms used throughout.

The articles were clearly "stand-alone" pieces and so there is much
repetition throughout the book. The book gives a good basic
introduction to the subject but is fairly light on the details. There
are several unsupported gems of wisdom (such as how to correctly
orientate your aerial when near the magnetic equator) but, as in the
example, the reasoning behind these are sometimes not explained.

The results of some tests are presented but they are not
statistically significant. Graphs do not show how they have been
derived or from what sample sizes so again it is difficult to gauge
their significance.

A lot of the information looks very dated especially in the light of
the significant advances that have been made with propagation and
antenna modelling over the past 5-10 years.

Overall I could not really recommend the book unless you are very
keen to part with USD 14.

The book can be purchased online at the following web site:


Review date 20-December-2001


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