Norfolk Broads

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This is a story about cruising the Norfolk Broads. Now, before our American friends get too excited, the Norfolk Broads are small tidal lakes in the east of England and cruising is strictly a nautical term in this context.

This was a trip in April 2001 with my family on board the good ship Diamond Light. We picked up the boat at Potter Heigham and, after 15 minutes of instruction we were let loose. I took my trusty Backpacker 2 radio, a DK9SQ mast and a dipole. Each night, I put up the aerial where we stopped and made some QSOs. In total I made about 50 contacts. The most memorable being from the centre of a small Broad near Brundall. Here I used the DK9SQ mast on the stern and a 25 foot mast at the bow, with the dipole strung between the two. With this arrangement, I made contact with the Stockport Radio Club, who were looking out for me. After a while another boat arrived in this isolated Broad and, by amazing coincidence, there was another ham (2E1HVX - Richard) on that boat! .

During our trip we were visited by various friends including G4ZAY (my mother), G4EZN (school friend from years gone by) and G3IOR (famous satellite DXer). It was a good trip from the radio viewpoint but the WX was bad throughout - cold, windy hail, rain etc. Maybe we are not cut out for the nautical life after all.

wpeF.jpg (38150 bytes)

The Newsteads on the Diamond Light

wpe15.jpg (32484 bytes)

A 40m Mooring

wpe16.jpg (34188 bytes)

Checking the bands

wpe17.jpg (85795 bytes)

The 1 watt Station

wpe19.jpg (63421 bytes)

2E1HVX and family moor near to the Diamond Light at Brundall - part of 40 m aerial visible

wpe1A.jpg (32690 bytes)

Another 40m portable stop

wpe1B.jpg (23329 bytes)

G3IOR and Norma join us


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