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For the hard-line DXer, Adventure Radio may appear a bit naff. After all, it's QRP isn't it? However, to dismiss it on these grounds shows a misunderstanding of some of the key features of Adventure Radio. An Adventure Radio station needs to be highly portable, this limits the battery size that can be used. The trade-off is then one of transmitter power and battery life. So for the more QRO minded, perhaps running higher power for a shorter time might be the way forward. I'm looking forward to seeing the first 1 kW Adventure Radio station - of course it will only be enough for a short QSO but it should be a good one!

The other key factor is that in Adventure Radio, the Adventure comes first; Radio is the second thing. A full DXpedition with all of the paraphernalia involved, is a Radio Adventure - a very different enterprise indeed (and certainly no less worthy). Wes Hayward, W7ZOI has it right when he says in Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur:

"Finally, the radio amateur who carries his hobby into the back country should be prepared for an occasional emotional dilemma. Should he compromise his hiking goal to get on the air or should he persue the primary goal? In this age dominated by high technology, the answer is obvious. Climb the mountain!".

It was true in 1977 when Hayward said it and it's still true now.

G3CWI 11-September-2000

PS Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur (published by the ARRL) is essential reading for any amateur who wants to build their own Adventure Radio equipment. It has some inspirational writing on operating in the field as well as a whole host of circuit designs. I hear that a new edition is planned, should be worth getting.


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