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ANTIMP.jpg (9366 bytes)This is an ARRL publication written by Wilfred N. Caron. At first glance it looks like a useful book. However, first glances can be deceiving. The book, which was first published in 1989 and reprinted in 1993 is full of errors. In fact, the first four pages of the book are devoted to correcting the numerous errors in the text. This makes the book virtually unreadable as you never feel sure if what you are reading is right or wrong.

Why didn't the ARRL correct the errors when it was reprinted? I think that the answer is that it was very amateurishly produced, it looks like it was typed out. Many of the tables seem to have been hand-drawn. My guess is that it wasn't produced on a word processor and so the ARRL could not change the original text. This is a great shame as the topic is a valuable one and the text would have very useful to many amateurs. Fortunately, this is not typical of ARRL publications. Is there a better book covering similar ground in an understandable manner? Let me know.

My rating 2/10.

There is a review at Amazon by someone else who says much the same.

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