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Customer comments



Just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know that the above pole you sold me at the Leicester show went into service 3 weeks ago in the form of an full size elevated ground plane with 4 drooping radials on 10 MHz. Since then I have worked over 50 Countries with it including a lot of new ones.  It's the best 11 quid I have ever spent on an Antenna, its up on the apex of the house, and has survived without guys the recent high winds, it blows around a bit, but not alarmingly, and always returns to its vertical form.

I was initially concerned that the wire inside was going to rattle around as the aerial waved in wind, but I bought one of those canisters of expanding foam, and gave it a few squirts to hold the wire. It wasn't entirely successful, because the foam expanded faster than I had expected, and shot out the section of the aerial under pressure, covering me and the garage in gunge which is best removed after it has dried, which was a bit of a problem as it also landed in my hair.

My only disappointment is that I did not work all this DX on QRP, but had to use 100 Watts.


73 Tim  (G4ARI)  18 December 2002

Five more poles please.

Peter Onion G0DZB

Please send me 5 more of your fantastic aerial supports. They have worked so well for me that I'm ordering another and four on behalf of my colleagues!

John Flowers G0JLF


28-5-02 via email


Bit late in getting round to this but thanks for the consignment. They are fantastic...just perfect for the job. Will be taking one with me to 9M2 in August for my IOTA trips. I have a 20-17-15m vertical made around one and its works a treat!

Thanks again

Keith GM4YXI


From:  "g0deb" <dave@g...> From the GQRP Reflector
Date:  Thu Apr 18, 2002  7:57 am
Subject:  Re: Favourite /P Antenna?

--- In GQRP@y..., "pentode" <pentode@n...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that quite a number of us on this group are using the G3CWI
> fibreglass fishing poles, what are your favourite antennas,
supported by these
> poles, when operating portable?

Currently, I am using the Fishing Pole strapped to a fencepost and a
25ft (approx.) Sloper to a T match ATU. This is tuned against an
extensive wire fence and the car bodywork at my favourite /P site on
the East Yorkshire Wolds. I have only managed two trips since I
bought the 'Fishing Pole' from Richard (G3CWI) at J28 but I have
worked W, TA (2 way QRP) and quite a few DL (2 way QRP) OY and YL on
20m using my Index QRP+ and 2w. This setup also works quite well on
40m,(G) 30m (DL) and 15m (EA,YO) mostly 2 way QRP.

I am very pleased with the Fishing Pole support, it is strong for its
weight and can withstand a strong gusty wind (without any support!).

When I am fit enough to try backpacking again I will perhaps try an
Inv. V as suggested by G3CWI ( I don't fancy lugging my Index around
though!). My thanks to Richard for an excellent antenna support.

72/73 de Dave GØDEB


Dear Richard

These poles are exactly what I need! Please could you send me another one?

Chris Tran, GM3WOJ, 17 April


From the GQRP Reflector

From:  "Ray Goff" <raygoff@y...>
Date:  Sun Mar 24, 2002  3:56 pm
Subject:  RE: [GQRP] Fishing Pole Aerials


Just as I was going out for the day yesterday, the Postman arrived with a
package containing two poles. I was surprise as I had only sent off the
cheque midweek and Richard mentioned 5 days shipping!

Well today, I found some time to experiment and I have to say that they are
excellent. If anybody had considered buying one but has not done so, they
are definitely a bargain.

All the usual disclaimers, just a happy customer!

72's de Ray g4fon

QRP-L 2378, QRP-ARCI 11153

Just a quick e mail - I ordered one of the poles on your website by post on Saturday and it arrived today - fantastic service and fantastic product too !!

Many Thanks for popularising this .

73 Larry G4GZG 20-March-2002



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