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10 MHz or 30 metres is one of the most interesting bands that we have in the HF spectrum. It lies between 20 metres and 40 metres. 20 metres has a reputation for being the main DX band, open 24 hours a day during years of high sun spot activity but more as a daytime bands during periods of low solar activity. 40 metres is mainly an excellent night time DX band but can also be open for nearly 24 hours a day when conditions are right. So it would be reasonable to assume that it ought to be possible to work DX at any time on 10 MHz - and you can... but activity is low and it tends to get used as a night time band only. The band is a great leveller as few stations have beams and most run relatively low power. Add to that the fact that it is mainly a CW band and you have the potential for some interesting radio.

I use an 11 metre vertical on 10 MHz with about 20 radials of varying length. The aerial is close to a large conifer which must reduce my radiated power somewhat. To make up for any excessive losses I use a pair of 3CX800 valves in my amplifier. DX performance is generally good with DX contacts possible any time - provided someone else is on the band!

This is definitely a band that deserves a little more promotion in my opinion. I will be trying to set up something to encourage more daylight DX operation this winter.

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