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Near real-time monitoring of slices of radio spectrum, usually concentrating on 28 MHz and 10 MHz for E and F-layer, tropo, meteor scatter, auroral and other unusal propagation observations and experiments. During major meteor showers this site will monitor for radio reflections from areas of ionisation in the ionosphere caused by meteors.
The "grabber" [a snapshot is taken every time the screen fills] by the software, Argo v1 build 145 by I2PHD, which is doing the narrow-bandwith processing at audio frequencies.

Location: IO91ml, Reading, Berkshire, UK.

STATUS 18 May 2018.

At times I add audio recordings in 2-minute .wav time coded files of Grabber C, to give audio of incoming meteor trail reflections of the BRAMS beacon when looking for correlation with 10m and 30m grabbers. These radio-based images of reflections appear as blobs, little squiggles or massive splashes. You can sometimes see that the meteor has broken into pieces creating multiple traces. They travel at different speeds and the frequency shift is due to Doppler Effect. You may see a characteristic epsilon shape (a reverse 3) or a hook, as the meteor itself encountered turbulence. There are AUDIO recordings in the archive folder of this Grabber. Link to BRAMS website

Grabber A: is UP on 10m QRSS. Monitoring QRSS3 on 28000.8 kHz USB. RX: IC-703

Grabber B: is UP on 30m QRSS. Monitoring QRSS3 on 10140 kHz USB. RX: FT-817-ND

Grabber C: is UP on BRAMS beacon in Belgium 49.97MHz USB. RX: TS-2000

Grabber A: Butternut HF9V vertical
Grabber B: Wellbrook AL1530 Active Loop
Grabber C: Horizontal Delta Loop, 12, 24, 48 MHz etc.

Archives are live and based on the Box cloud storage. The file names are time-stamped.
The main link here takes you to them all.Link to archive

Hand-picked "best-of" events in '10m EVENTS - KEEP'.

E-mail me for enquiries: g0mqw at qsl.net

AJ4VD active grabbers
WA8EJH grabber status
I2NDT active and inactive, Eu, N.Am, As sections
VK4YEH active and inactive grabbers
LA5GOA active and inactive grabbers
SA6BSS active and inactive grabbers

Grabber A - 10-metres 28.0008 MHz. Scale is in Hz

Archive of grabs and handpicked highlights in 10m - EVENTS Image updating, please refresh page

Grabber B - 30-metres 10.140 MHz. Scale is in Hz

Archive of grabs Image updating, please refresh page

Grabber C - 6-metres BRAMS beacon 49.97 MHz. Scale is in Hz

Archive of grabs and AUDIO Image updating, please refresh page

Grabber D - experimental

Archive of 10-minute grabs Image updating, please refresh page

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