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  Memorial stone on Culloden Moor near Inverness to commemorate battle of Culloden 1746 (48k)


The Torridon range towers over Loch Torridon, Summer 1994 (18k)

A panoramic view from the top of Ben Nevis the highest mountain in  Britain, Summer 1996 (13k)

A panoramic of the sun setting off the coast of Ullapool, Summer 1996 (17k)

Grfc.jpg (35672 bytes) Visit to hallowed turf!, Rangers FC, August 2000 (34.8k)

an_mor.jpg (61492 bytes) On the summit of Aonoch Mor (4000 feet), Near Fort William, Scotland

tober.jpg (70123 bytes)Tobermory town, Isle of Mull, Scotland, August 2001



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