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J3A  24/10/98 15m ssb (37k)

SU1SK  1/3/98 20m ssb (72k)

vp2ey.JPG (35091 bytes) VP2EY 14/6/99 17m ssb (35k)


hk5lj.JPG (36941 bytes) HK5LJ 14/11/99 10m ssb (37k)

vp2mcs.JPG (31643 bytes) VP2MCS 27/10/99 10m ssb (31k)

8Q7DF 9/5/98 15m ssb (19k)

ta1zl.JPG (36500 bytes) TA1ZL 18/10/98 10m ssb (36k)

tl5a.JPG (26678 bytes) TL5A 18/10/98 20m ssb (27k)

QSL info for all above given in My DXCC list (see menu)

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