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3E1DX.jpg (46977 bytes) 3E1DX (Panama) 29/11/01 SSB 10m

3W7TK.jpg (48100 bytes) 3W7TK 28/06/01 SSB 15m

5U2K.jpg (52017 bytes) 5U2K 01/03/01 SSB 10m

HK0GU.jpg (52787 bytes) HK0GU 18/03/02 CW 12m

J68AR.jpg (49236 bytes) J68AR 26/03/02 CW 10m

J79CGA.jpg (52451 bytes) J79CGA 01/04'01 CW 12m

JW_DL3NRV.jpg (48031 bytes) JW/DL3NRV 29/03/00 CW 17m

S21YT.jpg (68894 bytes) S21YT 06/08/01 CW 12m

XR0X.jpg (47104 bytes) XR0X  (Chile) 16/03/02 SSB 12m

QSL info for all above given in My DXCC list (see menu)fwd.gif (1630 bytes)

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