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Dr. Andy Gilfillan

About me!


Hi there! My name is Andy Gilfillan and I live  in Nottingham central UK. I spend some of my free time talking to other dudes around the world (DXing) on amateur radio bands. I've been into messing around with radio since 1983. I got my first ham license in Feb 1985.  I also like travelling abroad and sampling other cultures in particular the Arabic world and Spanish speaking countries. I speak Spanish (almost fluently!), and Arabic to a conversational level in both modern and Egyptian dialects. My great hope for the future is that all the races and creeds of the world can live together in peace!

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My surname is of Scottish origin and means 'servant of  St. Fillan', the seventh century abbott who lived in Glendochart, Scotland. The name is also a sept of the Clan MacNab. After the Jacobite rebellion many of my ancestors ended up in Northern Ireland were they were to remain for the next 150 years or so.



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