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DIGITAL RELATED LINKS Fancy a ride in Paul (G0HWC’s) truck? Then take the following link Get you free Ham Shack Web Page here Click here for worldwide EarthCam Network Here for recent activity on DStar repeaters Here for online SDR receivers Here for RSGB band plans Click link below for G0HWC’ (Paul,s) excellent site covering all aspects of sstv, both digital and analogue. Please take a minute to sign my guestbook, thanks
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Greetings!. Welcome to my radio shack. This is where I spend most of my day whilst at home, thus rendering the lounge redundant. My back-up crew Rosey and Poppy (often seen on camera) are not as yet computer savvy, so occasional screw-up's are to be expected ie when either cat-napping on, or traversing the desk and hitting the 'Paws' button..I hope you find something of use on this site, whether you be an old hand or newb to radio, and data modes in particular, of which the site is heavilly biassed. This due to being 'my bag' as it were.. Enjoy your stay, and thanks again for dropping by. Best 73 Brian

Feel free to use my Shout Box. Either just to say hello, or chat  to other  ham/shortwave listeners on line .  All I ask is you  respect other users opinions and feelings. ‘Do as you would be done by’ and everyone’s cool.. Incidentally, as the facility is not built in, it might be helpful to preceed you message with time and day. Thanks..Enjoy!. 73 Brian..

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Narrow Band SSTV  Facebook Group (Using MP73-N MP110-N & MP140-N modes on 10.144/10.132/18.117 & 24.927 mhz)

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