Standard Scoring

1: Contacts with fellow Fudds require the following to be valid: Callsign, Fudd number, Name, and State.

2: Local (US + Canada) Fudds are worth 2 (two) points per contact per day.

3: DX (Outside US + Canada) Fudds are worth 3 (three) points per contact per day.

4: Each new state worked is worth 5 (five) points.

Special Scoring

1: On your birthday, you receive 100 (one hundred) additional points for your first Fudd contact that day.
1.1: Any Fudd contacting you on your birthday receives 100 (one hundred) bonus points.

2: Each month, there will be a "Secret Wabbit" chosen by the FMs for that month. If you contact this Fudd, you will receive 100 (one hundred) bonus points.
2.1: The "Secret Wabbit" will be announced at the end of the month.

3: On the first day of each month, your first Fudd contact of the day will be worth a bonus of 100 (one hundred) points in addition to the standard amount of points for that contact.