Awards and Endorsements

1: Redeem 1000 (one thousand) points to receive the "Wabbit Hunter" endorsement. You will receive a new certificate with one "shotgun" icon on it.
1.1: For each additional 1000 (one thousand) points redeemed, you will receive another shotgun.

2: When you receive your sixth shotgun, you will receive the *coveted* "Gwand Master Wabbit Hunter" award and certificate, at which point a "WH" is added to your Fudd number (e.g.: you were Fudd #4, you become #4WH), and you are then an instant qualifier for the Elmer Fudd Net.

3: Work all 5 founding Fultons to receive the Worked All Fultons award:

N3NOPRobert Fulton, Jr.Fudd no. FM1
K2HOTerry FultonFudd no. FM2
AA2QWKevin FultonFudd no. FM4
W3KUJRobert Fulton, Sr.Fudd no. SQ11
N3PEKCarol FultonFudd no. SQ15