The New F.A.R.G. Repeater Tower
The New FARG "Perch"


We have Moved!!

Our 2m repeater has been relocated. The broadcast quality antenna resides at the 300' ft.levell of this comercial tower in Kankakee. The system consists of a brand new Yaesu Vertex VXR-5000 repeater. Which can be found on 145.130 with a (-) offset (tx on 144.530). PL encode/decode is 107.2 .Power output is 100 watts."Tony" the DX talker will be on line shortly .

Our many thanks to our sister club the K.A.R.S. for providing us with the antenna and site. This new site has emergency backup power and will provide excellent secondary communications when called upon. As for everyday use it will be available to those members of both the K.A.R.S. (Kankakee Area Radio Society) and F.A.R.G. It is both clubs hope that this joint venture will bring the amateurs and our community closer together. Helping is in the true spirit of amateur radio.

We have received our coordination from the Il.repeater association and listed in the Repeater directory

These Photos where taken during the construction and installation of the DX Talker

"Jay N9LCR" says the red wire goes
? Where ?

N9REG gets a tweaking from K9NR during the new installation

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