These pages are dedicated to Ham Radio, CW and QRP.

Amateur Radio :

I was born, and I live, in Paris on July 4th, 1969.

I have always been fascinated by wireless communications and exotic places.

I first got interested in Amateur Radio by operating on the 11 meter band, at the age of 11.


At 15, after I had worked in a supermarket during July, I proudly bought my very first transceiver, the FT277E.

I have it to this day, in perfect working order!

Soon afterwards, my parents bought me an Amstrad CPC 6128, which I used to learn CW. After a month of hard work I was able to read CW at 10 wpm, which is the required speed for a French ticket.

Then I recorded my own code tapes and tapes of CW QSO's that I heard on the air. The very first callsign I copied was an EA4.

I was so excited!

I can say that all my teenage years were dedicated to Ham Radio, rather than spending time in famous Parisian Night Clubs.

I live in Paris, in the 12th district. You can see below, two pics of my building.