Expedition MS in 3A (Monaco)


We was in 3A the 11-12-13/08/99 For the maximum of the perseids shower

The locator of monaco is JN33RR

The story :

The 10/08 i left from montpellier (jn13) with F5SJP christophe to F1NSR's house

The night we try to make ms from f1nsr house in JN33JK but only few pings

Just before qrt we have had a firework from SP2OWF bust 59+ 7"

The morning we left f1nsr house to go to monaco , we arrive in 3A at 12h z

At 16h z all the antenna are setup on the roof of the hotel , one 11 elt full elevation and one 11 beaming OE

When we have just finish to setup all we have try with PA0JMV but we have s7 static so we stop after 15 min NIL

When all are ok we go eating and we came back at 20 h z

At 20h we were calling cq in the same time on MSCW on .132 and .232

No pings no burst during 2h30, just after we heard PA0JMV calling us with weak and short refl

At 23h20 we got the RRR this was our first QSO in ms

We have call cq all the night with only 2 more qso OE6IWG and DK9OY

We have only some short reflection and we have to work side scatter (we needed 35° of elevation to DL)

Heard PA9KT with fire work , call him during 1 hour no reply

At 5h i go to bed because only pings in 3 hours

The problem was people calling me with his call my call and report so i get very often 27273AFAJRD and not the

Call of station calling me . so when you call an expedition please send only your call

When we have had good burst we have had pile up

During the afternoon i have try to take some sed on vhf net but no one complete

Condition was very poor for us and take off very bad

During the max we switch in ssb we complete with dl4mdq

And the best burst of the expedition was with DD0VF 20" 1 burst qso

Get some reflection from PE1OGF but he never got our RRR in ssb so we try in CW with him

He made us firework with s9+ report we complete with no problem

Just after we try with dominique F6DRO in JN03 only near 400 km , nothing heard in tropo

We try to heard in with the 2 station in rx one in backscatter one in direct with 35° of elevation (needed to west)

We got very long refl from him in direct 8" we complete with no problem

Just after i was calling cq on 132 with a plile up very difficult i get very often my call and report but never dx call L

Heard PA9KT again txing only his call call him durinf 45 min we was always txing his call so CQ

One time i get a burst fom PE1LCH who was cqing on 132 i don't understand so i ask it on cluster

He phone me for make excuse he have got problem with his key and push wrong memory

We was also calling cq on 232 because we justhave finish a qso so i said to him to call on 232

We complete the qso with no problem

My last qso was we PA3BZL with good refl at the begining and poor at the end

We work all this station wit only 100 Watt this is legal power in 3A

And the authorities from 3A call us as soon as we have setup the antenna becuase he was the house next to our

Hotel so we alway work with no more than 100w

We work alittle tropo during our expe with some italian station 9A2RD and S56ECR, F9HS in JN13

But tropo to west was very difficult due to take off

Next time we will be better , sorry for all the station who call us and we didn't hear them

Heard S51AT, DF2ZQ ,PA9KT and other but no reply from us due to our poor refl

The log:

Sorry for all station who call us but not make the qso

Thanks for all who call us on gsm to said that we had good refl

Ps: let my gsm off 3 hours for sleeping the morning of the 12/08 19 call during sleeping



Some Good burst in mscw : (in few days )


PE1OGF 41 ko

PA9KT 14 ko

F6DRO 54 ko

Dk9OY 71 ko

PA3BZL 245 ko

PE1LCH with problem with his key so cq 46 ko

PILE UP if somebody get calls he win a sked with me 295 ko