Hello all!

My name is Nikolay Sukhorukov. I was born in 28 november 1961 in Vitebsk. First of my SWL-call I have received in 1976. With 1980 worked as UC2WBP. Actively participated in contests as UC2WBP and on club-station's UK2WAF/UK2WAM/UK2WBC. Always took a great interest in new kinds of a radio communication.

In 1997 has received EU6TV-callsign, which specially has chosen for work SSTV !!!

Always worked only QRP (from 0,5 up to 8 watts) and the antens usually simply (Dipole, Delta Loop, LW). The shortage of materials and details for manufacturing the equipment had an effect!

But I never lost hopes for the best times.

I shall be glad always to work with you on HAM-band's SSTV-RTTY-SSB-CW...

Yours faithfully Nikolay (EU6TV ex. UC2WBP)