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EU1SA is the A Class licence holder. On the air since 1973.
Calls used: UC2WAS (1973 - 1992), EW6AS (1992 - 1997), EU1SA (As of March, 1997). All this besides various club calls used since 1969.
QTH: Minsk, the Capital city of Belarus.
Grid Locator: KO33rv.
Area code for "Belarus" award: FR ("Frunzensky" district of Minsk).

Mailing address:
P.O.Box 474
Minsk 220050
Belarus (Europe).

E-Mail addresses are "my call-sign", then, or, or, or, or .

Telephone/Fax: +375.17.289 30 45 (Office).

Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, I am actually working in export and import of various machinery and communication equipment, as well as chemicals. Besides, I am graduated as an interpreter (English-Russian).

My wife is also a HAM (EU1AAA). She is the Belarussian QSL Bureau manager, as well as the Award manager for the WARB and W-28-M awards.