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Republic of Belarus is situated in East Europe (CQ Zone 16, ITU Zone 29).

It is a country sized approximatelly 500 x 500 km, bordering with Poland on the West, Lithuania and Latvia on the North, Russia on the East, and Ukraine on the South. The country's population is about 10 mio, with 1.7 mio in Minsk, the capital city. The country is almost flat, having no mountains, and no sea access. Though the Baltis sea is close enough (being at approx. 400 km), what affects the Belarussian climate quite seriously.

Mostly it means high humidity and irregularity of weather. The average temperature is around 18-22 deg C in the summer, and around "zero" in the winter (with some substantial frosts at times), what means almost permanent ice on the road (especially nice for car drivers...).