We invite all radioamateurs of the World. All participants can make QSO with all radioamateurs.

Date: February 21, 2002
Time: 1400-2000 UTC

Bands: 160,80, 40, 20 meters


AA: Single Operator - All Bands.
AB: Single Operator - Single Band.
A: Single Operator - All Bands Digital.
A: Multi Operators - Single TX - Age of all operators till 18 years - Test time 4 hours.
C: Multi Operators - Single TX - The age of the operators is more than 18 years.

Numbers: RS(T)+NrQSO+XX, XX - Two-five letters of an alphabetic abbreviation of the name of radioclub.
For example: 599001AGB - AGB-Activity Group of Belarus, 599001CIGA - CIG-Alfamira, 599001ARGO - ARGOnauts club. You can choose only one club for numbers in Contest.

Points: Each radio communication - one points.

Multipliers: Each alphabetic abbreviation of the name of radioclub for each bands.

Results: Total multiplier multiplied on the sum of points.

Logs: the report is made out according to the requirements IARU on registration of the reports for competitions and is sent in 15 days term after competitions to the address: 220050, Byelorussia, Minsk - 50, P.o. - 85, EW1ABA. Or on electronic mail: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Necessarily specify your sports category or rank, an accessory to club with decoding of an abbreviation of club (Specify your accessory to radioclubs). On the basis of given about an accessory to radioclubs (many consist in several), your Points will be given to all your clubs. For example: EU1EU the member of clubs DIG, KDR, AGB, CIGA, "ARGO" etc. In competitions he gives in control number only one abbreviation of one of clubs, for example AGB. In the report, on the title page, he gives the
list of membership in clubs, registration numbers (if those are) and decoding of abbreviations of the name of clubs, which are specified in the report.

Awards: The sportsmen of first three places in the entries, will be receive the Diplomas and Prizes.
Team and sportsmen of prize-winning places, on the basis of the application are accepted in the members of clubs CIGA and AGB with reception of the member nominal diplomas.

During contest it is possible to execute conditions of the radioamateur diplomas CIG-ALFAMIRA and club of AGB. The rule about the awards and all information, interesting for you, is published on web-sites the Internet: http: // or on a site www.QRZ.RU
All questions and offers send on [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]