Callsign: ER6A/P
Date: 1 - 2 Jul 2000
Place: KN47AF, highest point of Moldova - 430 meters above sea level
Contest report of VHF/UHF/SHF

"Official" photo of expedition
Heroes: ER1AB Oleg, ER1KA Alexander, Anton - son of ER1QN, ER1QN Yuri "Echo", ER1CAN Gregory "Radio", ER2GF Vladimir "Six", Alexander - son of ER1AB, ER2DA Alexander "Alpha", Max - son of ER1LW "Slash", ER1LW Slawa, ER1AA Alexey "Portable", ER1AI Alexander

"All brands"

During local ER VHF/UHF contest - 2 hours before FD

"BackOffice" of our expedition
Thanks to Alexander ER1KA for excellent cooking

Another photo of our team
VHF/UHF antennas and "Six for Six" behind

Moldavian landscape