There are several scheduled nets that EARS conducts.


On every Thursday night at 9:00 PM, there is a Club net 

on the 2 Meter repeater at 146.985 Mhz with 600 Khz offset 

and a tone of 88.5 Hz.  This net is to discuss club business, 

but is open to anyone within range of the repeater.  

Latecomers and newcomers will be asked to check in 

at the conclusion of the regular check-in.


Sunday evenings at 9:00 PM, the ARES Area I-4 Emergency net 

meets on the same repeater and frequency.  This is

a roll call net, and again, anyone within range of the repeater 

is welcome to join in.  Latecomers and newcomers will be asked 

to check in following the roll call and any emergency traffic. 

ARES Area I-4 includes Lyon and Greenwood counties.