MINUTES OF THE E.K.A.R.C. – October 13th, 2012


Held at VE7CRJ’s.  Persons present 7.  Chair: VE7CRJ


SICK OR INJURED AMATEURS: It was announced that Jim VE7JDC had passed away this Tuesday past.  No knowledge of a service or funeral was know at this time.



MOTION: The minutes of the last meeting be adopted as read.  Moved VE7DLR seconded VE7DLU.  Carried.





Ø  Sparwood Ridge has a new building.  The site was taken over by Teck. We are still in the old Shaw building.  Teck is providing power.

Ø  The Golden repeater is back in place.

Ø  The Jubilee repeater needs more work.

Ø  The Nelson repeater is not online yet, CRJ will be talking to the Nelson people this week.

Ø  There was a lightning strike on Baker and fuses were blown, more disruption was due to the new power line installation.  The APRS antenna feed line needed replacement.

Ø  Nothing further on the internet linking board project.



·         C.O.H.                        $0000.00

·         Maximizer       $1651.12

·         Shares              $0025.00

·         ING                 $0726.77

·         Cr. Union        $8000.00

·         Total               $10,402.89

MOTION: The treasurer’s report be adopted as read: Seconded VE7KFR



Ø  A new course will be needed in March.  UBC manuals are $16 but no one can be contacted to order them from.  The new updated RAC manuals are $45.

Ø  MOTION: The club purchase one of the new upgraded RAC manuals to see what they contain and evaluate them for use in the new course.  Moved VE7SKT seconded VE7 DLU. Defeated

Ø  VE7KFR Something should be done about the truckers monopolizing the repeater for hours at a time.  Discussion revolved around the fact that most people now keep their home radios off due as a result of this overuse.  Consensus was reached that Ken would send letters to the offending truckers and ask them to keep their conversations down to 15 minutes or some reasonable time limit.

Ø  VE7SKT The club needs a Public Relations person specifically charged with raising the public image of the club in order to attract new members.  Louis VA7SNX presented a written proposal to poll club members on their wishes and interests.  VE7SKT volunteered to assist him.

Ø  MOTION: The treasurer be directed to pay out $650.00 to VE7CRJ for costs incurred in repeater maintenance.  Moved VE7SKT, Seconded VE7SNX. Carried.


MOTION: Adjourn Moved VE7SKT