Garmin GPS-V Bike Mount

Thinking about different ways to mount the GPS-V to my bike, I found that all commercial solutions had one problem or another for me. Finally, I decided to build my own mount based on the vehicle mount already available from Garmin. The problem was how to attach firmly the base of the mount to the bike. I decided to forget the base completely and build a custom one that would fit in my bike perfectly:

I found a screw under the handlerbar that once replaced with another one which was a big longer, would let me attach my custom mount firmly to the hidden side of the handlerbar. I had to drill a whole in the center of the round plastic piece so I could attach it to something different than the original base from Garmin. The first mount I built did not have the vertical column to prevent flexing and the GPS vibrated like crazy when the bike was running. The vertical metal piece worked just like a miracle:

This is what the final works look like once installed and connected to the 12V battery:

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