Hi...., EA3BUI ....here.

A small village, located in CATALONIA, at the Noth East corner of SPAIN , facing an emblematic mountain, the MONTSENY.

Let me introduce my family to you:

This is my wife ROSA:

This is my son CHUS:

He is a good photographer, and you can see some of his pictures,HERE

This is my pet ESQUITX:

My interests are:

  • Video Conferencing.
  • RadioAmateur.
  • Meteo.
  • Antique radios rebuilding

When VIDEOCONFERENCING, the program I like the best is NETMEETING, because I can use my PANASONIC NV-MS95 color videocamera with it.

As RADIOAMATEUR I belong to URE, the Spanish RadioAmateur Asociation.

My METEO equipment is a HEAVYWEATHER WS-2300 station, that allows sending DATA to an e-mail adress or a web page.
Now sending data every 10 minutes, as you can see HERE.

My antique radios are not too old but I like them very much.
I got them in poor conditions, from friends and relatives, and now, after rebuilding, they play very nice again.
See some of them :

5 tubes selfmade receiver.

The famous KOSMOS 70 JAHRE Radiomann, with some "house" improvements.

The well known TELEFUNKEN Allegro.

Email me at


In the meantime please come back soon and visit me.

Actually I am a proud member of the following METEO NETS:




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