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The DIRECT AMATEUR COMMUNICATION, INC. had very simple beginnings. Like most hobbies, when group of people share the same interest and have a personal liking for each other, and decided that they will band together to be more productive group, then that is the start of DAC, Inc.

A series of organizing meetings was held at Jimmy DU1BTI's office in Paco Manila which later a portion of the office became our club station, starting May of 1998.

DAC  was officially registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 1998. The Club is duly accredited by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and is a member club of the Philippine Amateur Radio

Association (PARA). The group was given the station license DX1DAC with official location at Paco, Manila where the members usually get together.

DAC is very active in the local DXing Contest which is held every year and has made its mark in the various local VHF/UHF Contests sponsored by PARA and several International DX Contest. The Group top scored  in the PARA ANNUAL VHF-UHF ROUNDUP CONTEST for the years 2000 & 2002, THIRD PLACE in 1999 and The LONGEST HAUL AWARD in 2000, just to mention a few.

DAC takes part in the yearly JAMBOREE ON THE AIR (JOTA) which is an activity of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of the Philippines. The Club conducts seminars for the scouts on how to use and modulate properly on amateur radio frequencies and then actually has them modulate on air (hands-on -training) with other scouts and hams. This is done to encourage the scouts on the use and benefits of amateur radio. Among other activities that DAC members have participated in are: PARA Hamvention, District 1 Hamvention, Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP), and others.
All of these activities serve to bring the group even closer to each other as well as to be of service to the community and the society in general.

DX1DAC-R        238522
DX1DAC-L         238462
144.200 mhz +   PL 123.0
144.800 mhz  -   PL   88.5
434.400 mhz  +  PL   71.9