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Batangas City, Philippines email: dx100dx@qsl.net, dx1dx@qsl.net CQ ZONE 27, IOTA OC-042 , ITU ZONE 50
ph-flag1.gif (23387 bytes) city_seal.jpg (17085 bytes) In celebration of the 100 years of Philippine Independence from Spain MDXG,  PDXF and PARL   operated a special event station during the CQ Worldwide DX Contest, MULTI-SINGLE SSB - 0000Z, Oct 24 - 2400Z, Oct 25 1998 (CW operation 1 day prior to the contest) cent3.jpg (17711 bytes)

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expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) A joint venture of Mabuhay DX Group K6MDX,  Philippine DX Foundation DX1DX  expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)
expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) and the Philippine Amateur Radio League Inc DX1L expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)
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PICTURES 98-Oct-22 Thursday
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October 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 1998
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DU1SAN qth,. headed for Batangas
(r-l): Gil Lappay 4F2KWT, Joel Pastor WJ1P and Boysan Nepomuceno DU1SAN... Four Trylon sections atop the Toyota FX..
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DU1SAN qth... : Gil Lappay 4F2KWT... Mitsu L300 loaded with 2 sections of Boysan's aluminum Trylon tower and most of our station equipment
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DU1SAN qth... : Joel Pastor WJ1P
Left Monumento @ 8:05am
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Arrived at 10:30am sa  Batangas City
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Acosta-Pastor Ancestral House
C. Tirona Street, Batangas City Philippines
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Sa may balustre... 4F1KWT, Mark, DU1SAN and WJ1P at the Acosta-Pastor Ancestral House.
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WJ1P qth Batangas City... going up!!!! 3:00pm
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pagod na kami.... Eh baba' muna natin... 3:10pm
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Going up!!! wala pa rin... 3:30pm
Viagra???? "Pilipino Kami, di namin kailangan ng ???" (sabi sa Pidro T-Shirts)

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Almost there...

Antenna installation was delayed due to Typhoon  "Lelang"...
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Force 12 C4S assembly (square peg, round hole?) 6:30pm


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