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Welcome to my Home Page.

I am honored to you have you as my guest.  Surf your way through my simple home page and enjoy !

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I was first bitten by the bug during my high school days way back in the late 70's starting out with a G.E. 3-5814B Citizens Band Radio and a homebrew ground plane.

After graduating from High School in 1982, the hobby was shelved for 4 years to concentrate with my college course and it was in 1986, fresh from the university that the itch to operate once again surfaced.  I gathered all the review materials for the examinations that I have kept through the years and started browsing  on them and at the same time studied Morse Code.  

It was during those days that I operated without any ticket and thus used DW1EMO as my callsign.  Finally, after having mustered enough courage, I sat down for the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Amateur Radio Licensure Examination in 1987 and passed the Class "C"   (technician) exam and was assigned DU1COO as my official callsign.  From then on I upgraded from one class to the other and earned my Class "A"   (advanced) ticket in 1989.   I am a holder of an Extra Class license issued by the FCC with KH0DK as my callsign

I operate SSB, CW and occasionally RTTY on the HF bands.  I am normally QRV on the
different DX windows when I call CQ and enjoys working pile-ups especially the JA's and UA's who are cooperative and patient in waiting for their turn.  Contesting is one of my favorite aspect in this wonderful hobby having won in major contests both on SSB and CW thru the years.

My special thanks goes to my good friend EdDU1ODX for his valuable help and suppor