DL9DBJ Homepage of Hartmut Krolzik
my station
4x15Yagis for 144Mhz
Equipment for Shortwave:

Tranceiver ICOM IC740
Tranceiver ICOM IC726

Power Amplifier FL2277b

Ant. for 80m/40m:
1wl Quadloop 10m over ground
Ant.for 20m/15m/10m:
Rotary Trap Dipole 10m over ground
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Equipment on 144MHz:

Transverter TV28/144 by SSB-Electronic

Power Amplifier:
Transistor PA with MRF 247,
gain 10db,max RF out 90 watt
(only for driving the 3cx3000A7)

Tube linear PA 2x Tetrode 4cx250B ,
gain 26db,RF out 600 watt

Tube linear PA with Triode 3cx3000A7 based on a Henry 3000D RF-Power Generator for 13.56MHz changed by my self for 144MHz,grounded grid,
gain 13db,RF out for EME
3 Phase High Voltage Powersupply 4.4KV,
Bias Plate current 200mA
max. Plate current 1.5 A

Ant.Prea Amplifier with GaAs FET MGF 1302
Seperates TX/RX Koax lines

Antenna for 144MHz: 4x15Yagi Cue Dee ,
H-stacked,10m over ground
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Equipment for 432MHz:

Transverter TV28/432 by SSB-Electronic

Tube Linear Power Amplifier with Thomson TH328,
gain 14db,RF out 350watt

Antenna 20Yagi DL6WU
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