APRS project "V11-Tracker" from 2005, cooperation with DL9GTD (soft- and hardware)

APRS "V11-Tracker":

- receiving APRS (or PR) stations, with 20x4 display
- transmitting in Home Mode - local position,
entry call and message with RS232 (9600 Baud) PC-communication

- or transmitting in GPS Mode - GPS position,
NMEA protocol communication between "V11-Tracker" and
GPS-Mouse, Garmin, or GPS Handheld-PC.

"V11-Tracker" is working without TNC !
- direct connect with transceiver.
- FX614 Modem, AT-Mega8-16 controller and MAX 232 IC is inside.


technical specification:

operating voltage 8-18 V =/~
25 mA (without LCD Backround-LED)
box dimensions (120x65x40mm)

Monitoring APRS AX.25 protocol (1200 Baud AFSK/FSK)
in 20x4 LCD display.

transmitting Home or GPS- mode, automatic detected (NMEA 4800 Baud or Motorola (oncore-module) 9600 Baud)

displayd in GPS-Mode: position, speed, satellite, date and time

- 5 pol DIN (see TNC) to transceiver,
- RJ45 8 pol universal to RS232 (progr. APRS message and call) or LPT (progr.AT-Mega) to PC or RS232 to GPS-Mouse (NMEA and power)
- AC/DC in jack




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