A25/DL7CM & A25/DM2AYO
Botswana  05.Apr. - 20.Apr. 2005 ( pictures made by DM2AYO and DL7CM )

propagation forecast April 2005


DL7CM paying excess baggage

Kalahari Airservice Windhoek<>Maun

Maun - the river is try out now

hotel room, GP50 in first position

beam 4el, 5 bands

beam, 9mtrs high

a tree 25 mtrs high for the low bands ant

feed point: L for diff. of 80m ssb-cw

front hotel rooms, GP sec. position

the double bed room

equipment of A25/DM2AYO

DL7CM at the gear

equipment of A25/DL7CM

DM2AYO at the gear

view of our block

pool bar

mini pool

another view of hotel rooms


trip to the Moremi Game Reserve

Maun streets

Maun streets

common in the badside table: bible and condom

young crocodile


shopping center

Maun streets


supermarket interior

Herero wife

proper respectable wiring up

internet cafe

hotel reception
On the way back: Namibia - capital Windhoek

Airport Lodge between airport and city


equestrian statue

Cristus church

founder of Windhoek

visit of V51BG (Karl) - a blind om