Last Update:      10.10.2017        This page is your entry to our DX-peditions-Tours!

***  CT8 activity 2017 from 23-Oct till 10. Nov. 2017 ***

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Sao Miguel Island - CT8/DL7AFS & CT8/DJ7ZG    


Please remember

Up to 3 QSL cards outside Germany)

needs minimum  1 IRC  or 2 US$

(Change Rate of banknotes 12/2013)

Received direct cards with less postage

will send via the bureau

Direct to:

Baerbel Linge, DL7AFS


D-34123Kassel -  Germany

We made more than 500.000 contacts worldwide during our journeys until 2014.

Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) is a unique, fascinating and friendly hobby that captivates the interest of millions of people around the world and is a "not-for-profit occupation". It encompasses a huge range of activities, from people communicating with someone down the street or world wide.

My wife Babs and me, Lot like to visit countries with not or only few Amateur Radio activity. From there we make a lot as possible Radio contacts into the whole world. Every contact will be confirmed with our QSL card. The QSL card is like a postcard and contains contact facts. As well the picture and some comments at our QSL cards is a recommendation to the guest country.

We made nearly 250.000 contacts worldwide during our journeys until 2005.

Each support for us will be welcome.

Babs in action!

Lot in action

Babs, DL7AFS     

Our aim is reached - Honor Roll  No. 1

Lot, DJ7ZG

Our next activities will be always announced via this homepage!