Dxing, may favorite part:

What can me more exciting than working foreign countries, talking to people from regions you have maybe not even heard of in the news? Contacts with freaks who spend thousands of dollars just to be able to shiver on some distant artic island and make it possible for you to finally knock that one of the list?

But not only this makes DXing a thirll, it is also the excitment and joy pile-ups and breaking them gives you. Hundreds of people are calling, but you made it through by carefully chosing the frequency in the split window, and avoiding the crowd by following the DX's operation style. It pleases you if you make it with just 100W and a vertical or something alike. Although I am no QRP fan, I can understand the thirll this gives these folks. (and just now, I am starting to work QRP myself). But there are times, when full legal power sure helps, and contacts are simply not possible without it. Why not use it then? Yes, Pile-ups can get chaotic, especially when unexperienced operators are in it, but sometimes, that's what characterizes DXing, and makes it even more fun. Don't get me wrong, but it sure doubles the pleasure it you properly work through the chaos....

I have found a nice essay on the KH1A Pile-up in 1993, as seen by a SWL.
I translated the originaly German text, so chose your prefered language by
clicking on the flags.


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