I currently use a CB-Type Mobile antenna, referred to as "DV-27s", which can easily be modified for the Ham-Radio bands of 10m to 20m. (Check the photo on the right). The original CB Antenna is quite cheap (around 5 Euros) and rather common in Europe, I bought two of these antennas including the base mount and a magnetic mount for the car on a flea market for 10 Euros all together.

One of the two antennas I mounted to the fire ladder on the roof of my appartement, inlcuding some additional radials, the other one I use mobil/portable with the magnetic mount on the car.

Modifying this antenna for Ham-Radio is easy. The original antenna has a short metal rod inserted at the tip, which enables fine-tuning of the SWR by adjusting it's length. There is a little screw mount, so that you can easily take off the original rod, and insert others of variabel length. For the Ham bands, these lenghts are:

10m 14 cm
12m 24 cm
15m 40 cm
17m 63 cm
20m 115cm

Please note:
  • These lenghts may vary somewhat depending upon the environment of the antenna.
  • Power rating is only upto 25 watts !!! (I use QRP anyway)
  • Original idea is by Richard, DL8MFQ, who also supllied me with the measurements.
  • On my antennas, the rods can be inserted upto 12cm deep into the antenna. The measurements above inlcude these 12cm. So on 10m for example, the rod only makes the antenna 2cm longer.

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