Svalbard DXpedtion by DL4OCM & DF6VI                

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    We hade operate from Longeryearbyen EU-026,
  9-16 Aug. stay at the local radio club  JW5E .
  Operation was on HF Bands and SAT RS13 .
  Lowbands was close at this time ,why 24h sun is on.
  So we hade work from 10-40m Modes CW SSB SAT RTTY

   It was a great time we loged more than 6900 QSO s , and
   enjoed the pile up s. Calls are JW/DF6VI JW/DL4OCM
   QSL via homecalls, bureau is OK . Make you QSL order online

      Tnx fer help on our Trip : DL3NRV DK7AI DJ3KR JW5NM DL7AT JA1IST/DJ2AA



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    On Air Sound JW/DL4OCM SSB 1 min.

    On Air Sound JW/DL4OCM CW  1 min.           


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                                                              Update 3 July 04