DL1CQ´s CW Page Continued

- New in the Shack -

Recently, on a small local hamfest, I aquired this nice old bug. As you can see in the picture - it has no identification whatsoever. On first inspection, it looks like a copy of a "VIBROPLEX ORIGINAL" to me. Without seeing a picture, just going by my description, an expert suggested it might be a "SPEED-X" bug. So, to make sure I´m putting it here now. If anyone has seen this kind before, has an idea how old it might be or who the manufacturer was - please let me know. I´d be very interested to hear from you !!!

So, if you have any ideas as to what I got here, please write to dl4obn@qsl.net. Thanks a lot for the trouble.

UPDATE !!! The mystery is solved. Even though the pictures are extremely lousy, the bug was identified. It´s a "SPEED-X Model 520" from around the 1950s. Speed-X was bought by E.F. Johnson and this particular bug was manufactured between 1947 and 1954 in great numbers. The former owner of mine has obviously removed the original paddles and installed home-made ones. That´s a pity, but considering the price I payed - I can live with that...

P.S. Needless to say, of course I hooked it up to my transceiver right away and tried it on-the-air. It goes pretty fast, so I had to put a large alligator clip on the weight to slow it down some. But I managed, somehow. I met a friend on 40m and he said: "Tom, you sound funny today...". Guess I need some more practice before I can handle a bug properly. But then - I´ve been told so... ;-)

MORE NEWS !!!Got another bug, which has quickly become my favorite key. It´s a "Vibroplex Original Standard". The serial number is 185686 with a so-called D6 nameplate which has Vibroplex´s "833 Broadway N.Y." address on it. That would put it in 1954. It´s quite fun to use a key that´s older than me... Here are two pictures of it.

If you want to find out more about Vibroplex or how to date your Vibroplex key, visit Randy Cole´s Vibroplex Collector´s Page. Or visit Vibroplex´s own website at Vibroplex.com.