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Website of DL4ANT - Joerg

[email protected]


Joerg Vollgold

Eichwaldweg 3

D-74906 Bad Rappenau



WWL: JN49lf

Height:   270m ASL

DOK: P05 - Heilbronn


Equipment:       144 Mhz –  14 ele WiMo Yagi (15dBd), GAsFET Preamplifier made by

  “SHF-Elektronik”, Kenwood TR 751E, 170W Transistor PA


Activities:          144 MHz – Meteorscatter (HSCW up to 5000 lpm, FSK441)

                                                 Tropo DX (JT44)

                                                 EME: not yet tested – I’m looking for test partner using “JT44”.

                                                            There is no antenna elevation possible unfortunately.

                                                 Contest-activities by chance.


Site still under construction !




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