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Since July 2001, I'am the new QSL Manager for Luis, CO8LF

HELLO ! ! !
My name is Martin Wieland and live in Linden 
about 50 km in north of Frankfurt/ Main in Central Germany.
This is the first experiment to create my own homepage.
I started as a Radio Amateur in 1976 as a shortwave 
listener and got my first lisence in 1980 ( DC9ZK ). 
In 1988 I passed the Morse code exam and upgraded my license.
Since that time I have held the call sign DL1ZU.
In 1994 I started to earn my first US license ( KB0PVZ ).
In the meantime I have held serveal callsigns ( also KG0VD, AB0DM ).
With the FCC vanity call sign program I choose K1ZU.
My activitys are mainly on HF. 

I like contesting, IOTA ( DL1ZU/p from Helgoland EU-127; Fehmarn EU-128;
9A/DL1ZU from Brac EU-016; EA6/DL1ZU Mallorca EU-004; KH6/KG0VD OC-019 ), 
QRPing (with my HW-9 ) building my own equipment and outdoor hamming.

My real love CW and DX.
I hold the DXCC- Award and have 323 confirmed countrys.

My QSL card

Memberships and Links:

Amateur Radio Club "Schiffenberg" F64 in Giessen
Amateur Radio Club "Giessen" F07
Amateur Radio Club "Wetterau" in Friedberg F17
Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club ( W4GS ) Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

Wie werde ich Funkamateur ? (in german)

Links to my friends:
Uwe Pilgrim, DL2FDD
Michael Pimeisl, DL2FDL
Carl-Hans Schmidt, DL1ZAJ
Michael Stuben, KJ7TA / DJ7TAA (provider of my Domain)
Mario Lovric, DJ2MX
Greg Marx, AB0WB
Matthias Pfeffer, DL2FJ / KU4D
Bernd Koch, DF3CB ( BV Software - Professional QSL Managemant and Label Printing Programm )
Toshinari Miura, 7M2GCW

A lot of Amateur Radio (AC6V)
Contest QSL Info by EA5EYJ
WPX Contest ( N8BJQ )
All about Contesting

DX-er Notebook
The Amateur Radio Community

Radio Propagation Forecast & Information:
N6RT Propagation Information


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