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Here are some Photographs from our activities on the German Island of Usedom, which is the easternmost island in the Baltic Sea. Its IOTA-number is EU-129. My friends from Berlin, including the families, kids and dogs, we activated that nice place between the 24th until the 27th of May this year. Our call was DFØRU, and we worked in CW, SSB and RTTY on all bands.



usedom05.jpg - 43354 Bytes Our Camp in Trassenheide
usedom07.jpg - 43354 Bytes Hardy, DL3KWF, and Hans, DL1YFF
usedom10.jpg - 50728 Bytes At the barbecue
usedom15.jpg - 55845 Bytes DL7UBA watching stars
usedom18.jpg - 54888 Bytes Building an antenna
usedom19.jpg - 39810 Bytes Fritz, DL7VRO, testing the new device
usedom20.jpg - 39934 Bytes Holger, DL7IO and Peter, DL3APO analysing the SWR
usedom22.jpg - 48217 Bytes Hans on cycling tour?
usedom24.jpg - 37851 Bytes Round table without table
usedom26.jpg - 62722 Bytes All participants

HamRadio 2001

hamr01_a1.jpg - 141639 Bytes On the HamRadio 2001 in Friedrichshafen

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